Holocaust Survivor Services

Izrail Dehktar and his story from Ken Klein on Vimeo

Our Holocaust Survivors

Each Holocaust survivor has his or her own personal story of loss and deprivation. They endured torture and forced labor under Nazi occupation in concentration, labor, and death camps. They hid or lived in ghettos. They suffered from persecution and anti-Semitic acts. All lost family members.

As the only agency in Oregon qualified to provide services for survivors, Jewish Family and Child Service (JFCS) is dedicated to helping Holocaust survivors, and other seniors, thrive in their lives with the highest degree of dignity and quality of life. Many of our survivors are low-income refugees from the former Soviet Union who immigrated during the 1980’s and 1990’s as part of a JFCS resettlement program. Already middle-aged or older when they resettled, many were unable to build new careers in the United States, and often language has remained a barrier.

Did you know:
JFCS receives grants from the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany (Claims Conference) to provide for our Survivors, of which we must match a portion. We have been matching grant dollars at an increasing rate over the last several years in order to qualify for full funding from Claims Conference, and to sustain the level of comprehensive services that we offer. This year we must raise over $90,000 in order to fully serve the 100 Survivors that benefit from our services in the Portland and surrounding community. To do this we need your help. Please donate today.

We provide:

  • In-home assistance which includes housekeeping, companionship, meal preparation, and transportation to appointments;
  • Case management and care coordination to address immediate and long-term needs. Bilingual case managers are available for Russian speaking clients;
  • Specialized services for Holocaust survivors, including assistance with reparations and compensation
  • Café Europa gatherings that offer social, educational, and recreational activities, including films, concerts, lectures, live presentations, and the opportunity to connect with others who share some aspects of the wartime and post-war experiences, in order to support Survivors’ community participation and enhance their quality of life;
  • Emergency assistance with expenses related to health and ongoing independence, including durable medical equipment and therapies not covered by insurance, utilities, food, clothing, medications, and more.

For more information, contact Kim VanKoten at 503-226-7079, ext. 129
or at KimVanKoten@jfcs-portland.org

Holocaust Survivor Services

“My wife is a survivor who’s getting a lot of help from JFCS: a cleaning lady comes once a week, and we get our windows and carpets cleaned. You do such a great job, and we appreciate everything that JFCS does for us.”