JFCS’s Counseling program offers effective, high-quality services to individuals, couples, and families facing life’s challenges in the tri-county area. Our priority is to provide confidential support based on trust, empathy, and understanding to ensure our clients feel safe, empowered, and able to make progress toward their goals. With a focus on valuing each individual’s unique identity, life experience, and social context, we deliver support to those who need it most—those dealing with: major life transitions; older adult and caregiver needs; ongoing or acute medical issues; relationships and interpersonal issues; struggles with mood, anxiety or overwhelming thoughts; and self-esteem issues.

Our caring Counseling team and program:

  • includes Licensed and Masters level providers;
  • provides population-specific and low-cost services as needed;
  • offers our clients as many treatment options as possible and assesses for sliding scale and discount rates for those without insurance; accepts Medicare and secondary insurance, as well as commercial insurance according to plan provision.

For more information contact Douglass Ruth, our Clinical Director,
at 503-226-7079, ext. 124 or by email at




At JFCS, we offer as many counseling options as possible, and we specialize in mental health services that promote healthy aging in place and help clients and their families feel safer and more resilient.

Our Counseling team offers PEARLS (the Program to Encourage Active, Rewarding Lives for Seniors), an innovative, evidence-based model that provides free, in-home counseling services to low-income seniors who are isolated or have physical limitations.

One participant, Joseph, a man in his 70’s, had been experiencing social isolation and bouts of sadness. Because he had mobility issues and could no longer drive, it was difficult for Joseph to find accessible mental health services.

He and his family were relieved to learn that no-cost, home-based counseling services were available through our PEARLS program. With the help of his counselor, Joseph developed goals and strategies for enhancing his self-care, social interactions, and physical activity. He learned and mastered problem-solving skills, and his depression began to dissipate. After completing the program, Joseph was also more closely linked with community-based services that helped him continue to boost his mood and energy levels.

PEARLS consists of eight in-home counseling sessions that help clients learn problem-solving skills for self-managing mild to moderate depression and improving their overall quality of life. Because the participants come up with solutions of their own, they typically feel more capable of following through on them. And by providing “house calls,” PEARLS counselors can ensure more regular contact than would often be possible in outpatient settings.



“Loneliness is difficult to own up to. But my counselor helped me understand that all I really need is a few friends I can count on – and who can count on me.”