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by | Sep 8, 2019



Dear Friend,

I want to share a story from one of our counselors at JFCS that shows how having multiple resources in one place can create a big impact. A client’s life had become heavy with emotion stemming from past trauma. His growing financial and social circumstances were fast becoming overwhelming. His JFCS counselor reached out to our Inclusion Specialist and Skills Trainer, Janet Menashe, who was able to validate his concerns and offer help.

Because of the many rooms in our JFCS House, and the strength and passion of our staff, we are able to find innovative, creative, and helpful ways to care for our clients. Counseling is often the catalyst for progress with JFCS clients. This newsletter looks at several new and emerging initiatives that we are proud of. Join us in supporting mental health needs in the Jewish Community and beyond.

Warm Regards,

Board President


New Wise Aging Groups Forming

Beginning in September, Wise Aging groups will be forming around the community. Join newly trained facilitators and explore and discuss a range of topics including:

  • Exploring the Stages of our Lives
  • Cultivating Nourishing Relationships
  • Cultivating Spiritual Qualities for Well Being
  • Living with Loss and Finding Light

“Wise Aging: Living with Joy, Resiliency, and Spirit”, published by Rabbi Rachel Cowan z”l and Dr. Linda Thal, and developed into facilitated learning groups, provides ways to explore, discuss, and find support around the adventure that is growing older. With thanks to JFCS and the Holzman Foundation for bringing this program to Portland.

JFCS Brings Trauma Informed Care to Portland

With support from JFNA, we will be presenting workshops on Trauma Informed Care (TIC) in November.Learn the 4 Rs of TIC: Realize, Recognize, Respond, Resist Re-traumatization.

Did you know that JFCS Counseling Services…

  • Uses a Person Centered Trauma Informed Care model?
  • Has skilled and certified Counselors?
  • Provides individualized care?
  • Bases fees on a sliding scale?

For more information contact JFCS at

Parenting Workshops Coming Soon

JFCS will be offering community organizations a series of workshops led by Dinah Gilburd, LCSW, as a way to begin sharing knowledge and resources around the ever-increasing community needs to address children’s mental health challenges. A Managing ADD/ADHD workshop was previously held for staff at Congregation Nevah Shalom and B’nai B’rith Camp, with parent-focused workshops coming this fall.

“A workshop participant diagnosed with ADHD cried as he shared the humiliation and embarrassment he went through in elementary school as the teachers constantly asked him if he took his medication.”

“Joining a Wise Aging group has been profoundly rewarding. I’ve met like-minded people with whom I can talk freely and in confidence. I’ve been looking to have this type of conversation, I’m relieved I’m not alone.”

“We’re all experiencing the aging process, although not all of us talk about what we’re really feeling. It’s been refreshing for me to have conversations which go deeper than the ‘I’ve got aches & pains’ type. I’m very thankful to have had the opportunity to join a Wise Aging group.”

“I joined a Wise Aging group not really knowing what to expect. I was a little nervous, to be honest. But I’m so happy that I took the plunge, my group made instant connections, and I am grateful to have the support and friendship of the group as we talk about life as we age.”