Sophia Rubenstein

Development & Volunteer Coordinator

Sophie earned her MFA in Creative Writing from Stony Brook University in New York. Since 2009, she has traveled back and between the west and east coasts, teaching writing at the University level and serving on several museum development teams. In California, she acted as Office Manager of El Presidio Santa Barbara. In New York, she filled the role of Development Director at The Shinnecock Museum & Cultural Center. Sophie enjoys collaborating with small, passionate teams, learning about new cultures, and working toward the enrichment of the communities in which she calls home. She is particularly excited to join forces with volunteers as JFCS works to extend the scope and services. Sophie now calls Portland, Oregon home. Aside from her work at JFCS, she can be found teaching Beth Israel’s Kindergarten class, or writing alongside her boyfriend.

Connect with Sophia Rubenstein

503.226.7079, ext. 134