David Nguyen-Jackson

Administrative Assistant, Accounting

David Nguyen-Jackson has been involved in faith-centered organizations throughout his life, taking on multiple roles, from administrative to cooking. After obtaining an undergraduate degree in Spanish in 2015 and an MBA in 2016, he had a short stint with an auditing firm but ultimately decided that non-profit work was his passion. In late 2016, he began working for JFCS as a temp and has greatly appreciated the opportunity to serve Portland’s Jewish community.

David is a native Oregonian but has lived in Utah, Nevada, and California, moving back when it gets too hot. His hobbies are CrossFit, reading, and taking online courses. Overall, he hopes to be able to serve JFCS through accounting, data analysis, and administrative skills, providing value to the Portland Jewish community and beyond.

Connect with David Nguyen-Jackson

503-226-7079, ext. 110