David McGarry

Skills Trainer/Behavior Consultant

David’s helping-career began at J.B. Thomas Junior-High School, in Hillsboro, where he served the seventh grade class as Peer-Mediator. He enjoyed the perks of being called out of class to the Counseling Office, where he would listen to two of his peers in conflict, try to help them to see each-other at a deeper level, and help them approach a collaborative remedy plan. He left small business management in his late-twenties to pursue a career of helping, and has worked over the last five years  in direct-care, case-management, and service-coordination.

David studied history and counseling at Portland State University. Studying history influenced his professional work in its demand to understand phenomena below what is just visible at the surface.  He finds that when he sees people and their circumstances in detail, he does not need to fake respect, and still enjoys the work of providing behavior support as though he were being pulled from class to do it.

In his free-time, David plays handball and is obsessed with music.

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