Vocational Action Network

Looking For Employment?

JFCS offers Vocational Support Services designed to benefit people who are unemployed and under-employed in our community.

We offer individual and group support aimed at addressing both the emotional and practical barriers to successful re-employment. We offer support with career assessment, resume and cover letter building, networking, career transitioning, skill building and creating opportunities out of career or job transitions.

Our vocational counselor is available to meet with clients individually to assess goals and needs.

Employers & Community Members:

We need your help.

Building relationships in the community is important to overcoming the current employment environment.  Those of us who know about job openings, or are in positions to hire, can provide those in need with a rich source of information about employment opportunities and trends.  JFCS hopes to offer employers a single source to share their knowledge with our clients.

How you can request support or get involved with JFCS Vocational Services:
You can reach Douglass Ruth, LCSW, Intake Counselor & Vocational Services Provider, at 503-226-7079 ext.124, or douglassruth@jfcs-portland.org. This is the best way to let us know about job openings, or if you have a request for vocational support services.

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