TASK: Your Jewish Connection to Disability Awareness



TASK: Treasuring, Accepting, and Supporting Kehillah (Community)
The mission of TASK is to promote acceptance and inclusion in the Jewish Community of people with disabilities so that everyone has the opportunity to fully participate in the richness of Jewish educational, cultural and social life.

Support for Families

TASK provides information and support for parents with children of all ages and all kinds of disabilities. We provide individual consultations about disability resources, support groups, and have available a lending library with video and print materials.  In addition, we maintain a vast information and referral network, as well as facilitate informational events on topics such as financial planning for children with special needs, special needs trusts and guardianship and conservatorship presentations, and provide information and support for educational and religious concerns.

Social and Recreational Activities
Tikvah is a social-recreational group for adults with any type of disability which meets several times each month to enjoy various activities and social connections. Included are outings to sports events, dining out, hiking, theatrical and community events.

Workshops and Presentations
TASK presents workshops and training to promote acceptance and inclusion of Jewish children and adults with disabilities. We also provide parents, teachers and students with an array of information about disabilities, disability awareness, child development and family communication. Contact us today for a consultation or to schedule a time for us to present to your organization.

Empowerment and Advocacy
TASK works with national and local organizations, and individuals to explore ways of providing additional services to people with disabilities. TASK empowers individuals and families by organizing and encouraging participation on TASK’s Advisory Board, by advocating with the Oregon Legislature, and by volunteering for JFCS and TASK. TASK is also a founding member of the Interfaith Disabilities Network of Oregon which provides an important community connection for people living with disabilities.

Religious Education Support
TASK provides support for religious school students with special needs in cooperation with local congregations for students in grades 1-12 who may benefit from additional support. TASK also provides teacher training on disabilities to local organizations and religious schools.

TASK Newsletter
TASK publishes a bi-monthly newsletter that provides up-to-date information on local social, educational, and community events and activities. Click here to view the latest edition of the newsletter or contact JFCS at 503-226-7079 ext. 155 to be added to the mailing or email list.

Kehillah Housing

Through its partnership with JFCS and the TASK program, Cedar Sinai Park, is developing a 14 unit affordable housing facility for adults with developmental disabilities.  Construction will be complete in the summer of 2013 when JFCS’s TASK and Partners programs will be utilizing the space for more programming, groups and educational supports.

Contact Us

If you would like a private consultation or further information about TASK and its programs to support individuals with disabilities and their families, please contact Corinne Spiegel, JFCS Inclusion Specialist, at 503-226-7079 ext. 155 or Corinne@jfcs-portland.org.