Safety Net/Emergency Aid

A Comprehensive Net of Support

When someone comes to JFCS for safety net services, it is often because something sudden, unexpected, and traumatic has happened to them.  The goal of the JFCS safety net program is to provide community members with the complete, integrated package of services and support they need to regain their practical and emotional equilibrium and improve their ability to handle future challenges.

A vital part of the JFCS safety net program is the intake, in which trained JFCS staff carefully assess the needs of the client and design a program of services to address their specific needs.

These may include:

Short-term emergency financial assistance: To pay for housing, utilities, medical bills, clothing, medications, transportation, and other life-sustaining needs as resources allow.

Food vouchers: To address the problem of hunger.

Case management: To help individuals and families navigate the complicated social service and health care systems, and enable them to locate and access resources from local government agencies and other Portland metro-area organizations. Bi-lingual Russian case managers assist with translation and interpretation when needed.

Advocacy: To assist clients in getting their needs met by advocating for them with other organizations, and by coaching them on how to effectively represent themselves and make their own case for services.

Homemaker Assistance: To enable low-income seniors to continue to live safe, healthy lives in their own homes by  providing them with a variety of support services, including monitoring physical, emotional and mental health; menu planning and food preparation; transportation to doctor appointments; and general household chores.

Job search assistance:  To help those who are unemployed or underemployed find work, including providing assistance with searching for job openings, resume writing, interview skills, dealing with nerves and anxiety, networking, and accessing other community employment resources.

Mental health counseling: To ensure that low-income individuals and families dealing with crises and traumatic life transitions; acute mental health problems; lack of insurance; disabilities; and other mental health challenges have access to quality mental health care.

Information and referral: To connect our clients with the full range of local resources. Partnerships with other Portland Metro agencies that provide complimentary services help us avoid duplicating programs and forge a true community “safety net” for at-risk populations.

Holiday Food Boxes:  One of the most appreciated forms of support JFCS offers. During the Thanksgiving holiday, we provide a complete Thanksgiving holiday meal, and during Passover, JFCS works with other community groups to provide boxes for elderly and low-income Jewish clients.

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